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2020/2021 Litters - click on photos to enlarge
Mason X Envy
Puppies are born!
3 Males, 4 Females
All puppies are sold.
Josh X Sadie
Puppies are born!
7 Males, 4 Females
All puppies are reserved.
Mason X Annie
Expected to be bred in August 2020, puppies expected in October.

All Puppies are reserved.
King X Olive
Expected to be bred Spring/Summer 2021

Puppies still available from this litter.
Things to remember about GSP Puppies:

1)All GSP puppies are born white except for their solid spots like heads and body spots, with the exception of solid liver or solid black puppies.  They start to get their ticking within the first few days of being born.  The ticking starts at the toes and moves up the legs, so if the puppies toes stay pink, they will stay white or mostly white.  So don't be alarmed if you are expecting a dark ticked puppy and a white puppy is born!

2)All GSP puppies are born with long tails and with their dew claws on their front feet.  At 3 days old we remove their dew claws and dock their tails to 45% of the original length.  The reason we dock the tails in the US is to keep dogs from damaging the tip of the tail.  When the tip gets damaged it is very hard to heal, and risks getting infected.  We remove dew claws for hunting purposes, so that the dogs do not catch them on brush and other such things and rip them off.

3)GSP puppies should stay with their litter for a minimum of 8 weeks for the best success as adult dogs.  They get a lot of benefit out of learning to live as a pack, without the dangers of living as a pack of adult dogs.

4)Equally important to staying with the litter for GSP puppies, is socialization and various noise and surface introduction.  It's great to do this as a whole litter instead of individually because puppies who may be a little more reserved will follow those bolder puppies and before long you can't tell who's who! :)
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