More than mere vitamins, NuVet® goes beyond industry standards by using only 100% all natural, human grade ingredients that are microscopically tested for purity and potency. They then utilize an FDA registered laboratory for formulation using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.

NuVet Labs® has been on the forefront of pet health since 1997.  NuVet® formulations have been studied by numerous Universities who have discovered that their ingredients and exceptional compounding properties are designed to fight illnesses at their root source and strengthen immune systems to keep pets strong and healthy. Take a look at our products to see why.

Pets can suffer from Allergies, Skin problems, Digestive issues, Joint aches and all manner of organ and glandular failures. Many canines and felines, especially when they get older, have health issues just like their senior counterparts. It's very common for older dogs to have Arthritis and come down with eye cataracts. Many pets will be the victims of Cancer and have to undergo similar treatments as humans experience.
For many pet owners, having a sick pet is just like having an illness strike one of their children. They want to do whatever they can to find a way to help their disease and keep them healthy for many years to come. Fundamentally, the first line of defense is to ensure your pet has a proper diet and balanced nutrition. Supporting your pet’s diet with a high quality food containing essential protein will add critical nutrients to their bodies.  Equally important is providing food, that is low on grains, like corn and wheat as well as “meat by-products”. However, even a high quality pet food alone isn’t enough. Supporting their diet with a nutritional supplement that has been engineered to support vital organs and that has the ingredients to help fight disease causing free radicals can make a big difference in their battle against infections.
Nutritional supplements like NuVet Plus, that contain a rich supply of vitamins, minerals and essential enzymes, offer a matrix of antioxidants and amino acids. These ingredients help protect your pet’s body from opportunistic organisms, free radicals and chemicals that can harm them on a daily basis. Formulas that contain high quality minerals, a full range of amino acids,  proteins and antioxidants - help to detoxify the blood stream. Keeping the bloodstream clean allows for red blood cells to carry nutrients vital in defending against infection.
NuVet Plus® offers a safe and effective way to help prevent and assist in helping heal many types of illness found in dogs and cats. Recommended by thousands of top Pet Professionals, such as myself, NuVet Plus® can help heal your pets illnesses, keep your pet healthy and protected them against sickness and disease.
I give my personal dogs NuVet Plus®, and I have several clients that use it as well.  If you purchase a puppy from me, the mother has had NuVet Plus® before and during pregnancy, as well as during nursing, ensuring that the newborn puppies get the benefits of NuVet Plus® too!  As soon as they are old enough, all puppies are started on it to keep them headed in a healthy direction.

My PERSONAL testimonial:
I had heard about NuVet before, but had never tried it because, I mean, c'mon, there are lots of vitamins out there, right?  How could one be SO much better than another?  I WAS SO wrong...  I had a litter of GSP puppies and they were down in the pasterns and had flat feet.  I had been told that to remedy that, they needed yogurt... SO, I bought yogurt, and more yogurt, and MORE yogurt...  Mind you, they were on a top quality dog food, completely healthy otherwise.  The yogurt didn't change a darn thing!  I took them to a breeder/judge friend of mine and she said, "gosh, I just 
don't understand... with the NuVet and the yogurt, that should be MORE than enough!" I said to her - "NuVet? They aren't on NuVet..." Well, after getting a tongue lashing for not having them on it, I finally broke down and bought a bottle... And suprisingly it didn't break my wallet either!  10 DAYS... NO JOKE... 10 DAYS and all puppies had nice tight feet and straight legs!  I didn't even have to supplement with yogurt!  I was SOLD!  I am not the type of person to push a product that I don't use or believe in... I'm telling you folks, there is NO SUBSTITUTE for NuVet. I have seen it work on clients' dogs skin issues, my OWN dog's hot spots, as well as tendon and joint issues!  I have also seen a dog who NEEDED to eat, but just was a 'picker', so he didn't eat as much as he should - start eating 2 full meals a day!  Puts weight on them real fast when they eat what they are supposed to be!  Another notable point it that since I have started NuVet, I have not had a single dog pick up anything from hunt tests, field trials, or dog shows!  We always come home happy and healthy!  I could go on and on.  
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