Occasionally we have started or finished adult dogs available or started puppies, sometimes even young, non-started puppies.
UPDATED 1/18/23
FINISHED - Olive - 5 year old spayed female
Hardwood's Don't Rock The Boat JH
Olive recently had her first litter of puppies and that didn't go so well for her.  She had a horrible infection and ended up having to have an emergency spay.  The puppies are now 6 months old and Olive is all healed and ready to head to her new home.  Olive does have her Junior Hunter title, but more importantly, she has been a guided dog for us at a shooting preserve for the past 3 years.
Olive is potty trained as a house dog, but toys need to LARGE as she has and will swallow small toys.  Olive is VERY well behaved, and if you are looking for that dog your kid can play fetch with hours on end, this is your gal.  Then load her up and take her out hunting.  From the field to the house she can turn it on and then turn it off.  She gets along well with other dogs, but IS possessive, and *again* toys need to be LARGE otherwise she will swallow them so the other dog doesn't get them.  She is not the same with birds in the field.  This is her only vice.
Points, backs, retrieves.  Loves to swim and LOVES the water, but isn't great at it.  LOL
Olive's new home must agree to let her live in the house.
Price: $5000
Contact Sheena at 816-244-6148 if you are interested in Olive
FINISHED - Rikki - 5 year old female
CH Hardwood’s I Do My Own Stunts At Suma JH
High hunting drive, high retrieving drive, high prey drive (raccoons beware), blood tracking experience. Rikki is not for an inexperienced owner, but would be a favorite hunting dog for the right person. She could compete and finish her Senior Hunter title with very little training. Gets along well with other dogs, but watch her with other dominant females. Rikki has been lightly hunted on wild birds, but now is her time. She will be your next kick ass meat dog, or even your next guide dog!  Rikki is ready for anytihng!
Rikki will need to be spayed and does need some extra large teats removed (think boob job).
Price: $2000
Contact Sheena at 816-244-6148 if you are interested in Rikki